Company Profile

Shabelle Bank is a fully licensed Commercial Bank in Ethiopia to conduct all its operations under the principles of Islamic banking and be fully disengaged from interest-based transactions, offering the full spectrum of Retail Banking, SME Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, and Trade Finance Services. The regional government has the biggest shareholdings in the bank with the aim of creating financial inclusiveness for the societies.

Shabelle started its journey as a microfinance institution in 2011. It subsequently secured the banking license to serve its clientele better, by offering ethical financial products. With the mission of Enabling Growth and Enriching Lives, the Bank reaches out to its customers through a growing network of branches in Ethiopia.

Customers can also benefit from an array of customer conveniences such as Internet & mobile banking, debit card with SMS alerts, online account opening, 365-day banking, Saturday banking, extended banking hours, 24×7 cash deposit machines, and banking units exclusively for ladies.

Shabelle’s growth strategy is built on its position as a leading Islamic Bank with deeply rooted customer relationships and strong engagement with the local communities.

The bank operates strictly under the principles of Islamic sharia and is well organized for its product development capability, Islamic baking research, and advisory services. It operates under the supervision of the resident Shariah board member and a Shariah supervisory board comprising of internationally renowned scholars.


To be a competent, sustainable, leading, and trusted Shari’a-compliant banking and microfinance services provider in the Horn of Africa and globally.


To provide efficient and effective full-fledged Shari’a-compliant banking services with customer focus utilizing qualified, honest and motivated staff and state-of-the-art technology thereby optimizing shareholders’ interest and enhancing inclusion of the poor through microfinance business operations.

                                 Board Of Directors 

 The Bank had a well qualified and diverse board members with celebrated       social statues in the community 

Shabelle Bank Executive Management

Shabelle Bank has established well qualified Executive Management Team which has been in the industry with reputable professionalism dedicated for the bank’s success. They are dedicated to work relentlessly to make Shabelle bank’s unique business philosophy a reality.

Our Products & Services

Financing and Investment products to be availed by the Bank for its esteemed customers includes:-

  • Trade Based Mode of Financing (Murabaha, Salam and Istisna‘a)
  • Rental Based Mode of Financing (Ijarah)
  • Partnership Based Mode of Financing (Musharaka)
  • Interest-Free Export Financing (Qard Al Hassen)

Governing sharia principle we adhere

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Proposed Line of Business Partenrship

Correspondent Banking

As part of our  effort to provide international banking service , we have been engaged with  multiple global correspondant banks with aim of  establishing relationship for our MT 202 and MT 103 transaction. Considering the significant somali diaspora across Europe and America ; the expected remittance volume can be beneficial in both sides .To this end ,  we are glad to work with your good office  and establish a correspondent banking  arrangemnt.

Fund Management

As we are operating with deep availability in the Somali regional state; the bank have a plan to secure  strong outreach and accessibility to the large community of Somalis  in the Horn Africa .

To this end , for any kind of fund management specific to aid and other relief works; we can be trusted enough to carried out the fund managemnt aspect in which your good office can take part .

This will address the  prevailing AML/CTF restriction on Somali republic state Banks.

Share Holding Partnership

As part of  market open up measures by the  government of Ethiopia; the banking sector secured permission to work in partnership with reputable foreign Banks ; taking the matter as sound opportunites, we are keen to establish share holding partnership with your good office.The opportunity on this regard will strength your bank outreach to the Ethiopian market and to the vast Horn region.